Sponsorship Scam on Carousell username jonnnkara BEWARE!!! SHARE SO THAT OTHERS WILL NOT BE SCAMMED!!! Dated 17/5/2018

Our carousell shop “einashop” had been approached by a carousell user by the name of “jonnnkara” (14/5/2018) to provide some sponsorship items to a local daddy blogger for a review of our newly launched AG+ nanotech anti-bacterial and odour control socks. We have just recently launched the AG+ nanotech ankle socks series after our men’s regular socks sold very well with very good customers review. We plan to target students and sporty individuals who want added protection to their feet and also a quality product that is more durable and feels better.

With all these in mind, “jonnnkara” actually sold us a very complete and creditable story that fits into what we need. We had asked the blogger to call us directly to discuss details but the scammer had managed to convince us that the blogger is busy but will call when he’s available. We did not pursue further awaiting a call from the blogger before moving forward.

After a day or two, we had been approached again with more persuasions this time with the scammer giving us the feet sizes of the boys trying our the socks and also other details of the daddy blogger. Trust me, we would have never thought that someone would go through this amount of detailing and effort to scam on 2 pairs of socks and we finally agree to go ahead to post out the 2 pairs and also an addition 2 more pairs for the blogger daddy and his daugter to try on a goodwill basis.

Upon posting out, “jonnnkara” account at carousell has been suspended.

We have since checked with the daddy blogger that we have been scammed and all the above has been fabricated.

Lesson learnt:
1. Always double verify the person that you are sponsoring items for before you commit. We should have at least drop the daddy blogger an email to confirm and not trust that a call will be coming soon.
2. Scammers will build a complete story to hook you in and never lose guard when you think that enough details have been provided and you can trust them.
3. If an anticipated call never comes, raise your guard and get more verification before committing.
4. Scammers do put in a lot of effort to cheat on all things. We have never thought that all these effort from the scammer is worth the 2 pairs of socks but indeed, we are proven wrong.

We have only on hand a address Dan @ Business 49 Conway Grove 558227. Can anyone help to advise on how we can at least get back our items?

Carousell has since not responded and hopefully they can do something so that we can continue to trust dealings on this platform.

Will really appreciate with someone can also advise us on what actions we can take next? Can we report to the police on this matter?

Thank you.



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