Slutty Girl In My Office Ask ” You Want Eat My Sea Weed?” EWW!!!


(image for reference)

Dear Singapore Uncensored,

I’m an average looking guy and i have my fair share of experience working in multiple firms and so far i have not meet anyone as slutty as this girl in my office.

The girl came to put seat and she look decent not very pretty but quite ok. She placed her crotch near my face and she was holding a packet of dry seaweed snack. She said

“You want eat me seaweed? My Seaweed is very tasty”

in a extremely slutty tone. It’s quite obvious when she is practically shoving her pu**y to my face.

“I politely said no with her 4 inches away from me”

I did not know if i should laugh or advance with it. She knows that i’m married and she is still behaving this way. This is not the first time she had made such sexual advances with me. Sometimes i feel that this is sexual harassment. I do not know if there is a law in SIngapore that protect guys from such sexual harassment.

If i ever told my wife about this incident she would probably freakout and call the police to my office. I need to work here and i can’t just leave for such matters. I do know that are some woman with frustrations and are just seeking to disturb guys like me.

The girl is only 21 and i’m almost 30. I feel that the younger generations are getting to a level where they are too open and crazy.



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