I would like to share this unpleasant cab experience last night, 25 Jan at 9.20pm with a Transcab driver, SHD247P.

My family boarded a Transcab at Woodlands CIQ heading to Sengkang & Hougang (driver has agreed to take us before we board the cab).

During the journey, I noticed that the driver was dozing off when the car started swerving left and right on SLE expressway and thus kept my eyes on the road too. I commented to the driver to not drive if he wants to sleep as I worry for the safety of my family in the vehicle (I have a 7-mth baby with me). The driver kept his silence after the comment and my wife noticed that he had been keeping his right hand up supporting the head while driving with only his left hand on the steering wheel.

When nearing to our first location (SK), I asked my mum to alight with us and we’ll get her another cab to get her home as this driver is in no state to get her home safely. Driver started to get rowdy and commented; “yes, alight and take another vehicle”, and went on further saying “You guys Malaysian so cheapskate should all take Grab or Uber, and not a taxi” repeatedly. (I’m not going to start and say we are all 100% Singaporean and yes I know Grab & Uber are cheaper, but we had a long day and just wanted to get home fast for our overtired baby. Why so judgmental Uncle?)

I told the driver that I’ll lodge a complaint and requested for the receipt upon alighting. The driver rebutted immediately saying that there’s no receipt and refused to give any except asking for the cab fare of $23+. I told the driver that I’ll call the police, in which the driver shouted at us to call (oh yes, of course we did!).
While waiting for the police, my mum reasoned with the driver on being dangerous for sleeping when driving and the driver retorted with “cannot sleep meh!” (wow, new lta rule? sleeping when driving is legal?). While waiting, the driver went over to his seat and retrieve a fork. He started hurling vulgarities with the fork in hand and shouted out to other taxi driver who happen to alight other passengers claiming that we are evading his fare. I kept my distance from him as it’s useless trying to communicate with an agitated, unreasonable man.

So the police arrived and the cab receipt machine is now working fine, driver stop the meter (only when the police arrived) and printed the receipt. The police officers pulled us aside to understand the whole situation, and I overheard from the officer that the driver claims that he’s using the fork to scratch his back (oh, really!). Upon the officer’s advice, I paid the trip fare and is now trying to feedback to the cab company on their atrocious driver.

Just sharing this bad experience and please keep an eye on the road though you are on a cab/Grab/Uber at all times for the safety of you and your family.
Let’s boycott Transcab and take Grab & Uber from now on! (kind recommendations from our dear driver)

To Transcab Services Pte Ltd, please look in to this matter seriously and perhaps it’s time to review your driver’s criteria and capability. Being one of the mainstream cab service provider, your drivers are not putting in effort to retain your business.

please look into this matter Traffic Police Department , Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving

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