I might want to share this episode that has happen lately. I am a single parent from Malaysia who has an extreme time bringing home the bacon working in an eatery and a house keeping work in Singapore to help my 2 young children after my significant other left me.

Prior this week, a couple who is a customary in the place that I work in, came in and requested their typical soup and food, and 1 coke. I was clearing their table after they completed their dinner, the person calmly inquired as to why I look somewhat sad when usually i was cheerful.

Beforehand we talk a couple of times and he sees I am holding numerous odd employments and working hard as a single parent. I revealed to them that I just went to clean 3 houses today and just began my night move at the eatery. He inquired as to whether everything was okay, so I let him know additionally that my children childcare expenses was expected and I am having issues. Be that as it may, I simply needed to work harder. He at that point grinned and requested the bill. The bill was $66.

After I went to the counter to swipe his Visa card, I understood he put his visa card and 2 bits of $1000 note into the bill organizer.

Feeling confused, I thought he committed an error and unintentionally left the 2 bits of $1000 note inside. When I passed the receipt for him to sign, I return it to him. That is the point at which he revealed to me something I will always remember, He said ” No it’s not an oversight, we have 2 hands, One is to buckle down and the other is to help other people. ”

I cried after they cleared out. I needed to express gratitude toward him and I saw his charge card name was “Atwell Tay”. I sought on Facebook and acknowledged he had showed up in The New Paper some time recently. I might want to state my most profound on account of him as it hold me over for my child’s school expense.


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