Singaporeans are not Xenophobia but concern about OVERCROWDING!!


Overcrowding has left many Singapore residents, including foreigners have who stay here for many years unhappy.

To have public infrastructure that is overtaxed causes distress and pressure due to escalating competition for limited properties such as lodging and automobile on a tiny piece of land. Therefore foreigners are not the source of discontent.

This is not categorise as anti-foreigner anger but the root cause is that our overall population has expand quicker than the infrastructure growth needed to sustain the population. Even if the current population were all make up of Singaporean the outcome will be the same.

We should look up to the facts that during the 1970s, “Two is Enough” was an intervention campaign by the Government because Singapore’s wealth level could not support a large population. As this plans was done with practicality thus reducing the crowded buses of 1980s with more courteous travel. It seems that such crowding of the MRT and our roads nowadays could be seen in like bus stops and buses of the 80s.

Pounding up statements of xenophobia will only cause a disunited and conflicting home. What our leaders need to do is to recognise the root cause, just like how we developed from uneasiness of the ‘80s to move on from there. Improve our building infrastructure.


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