57-year-old Mr. Alias Ismail was struck from behind by a Malaysian car near Batu Pahat on Sunday evening, which left him in severe pain with 3 broken ribs and a bleeding stomach.

 A Singaporean Aetos officer, Mr. Hid, said he passed by Mr Alias lying on the ground at about 8.40PM while on his way back to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur. Speaking to other passersby in the crowd that gathered around Mr. Alias, he gathered that Mr. Alias had been riding on the left of the road when the car hit him.


He recalled that Mr. Alias was conscious and tried to speak, but everyone told him to lie down and wait for the ambulance to arrive.

Mr. Hid subsequently posted Mr. Alias’ passport and motorcycle on Facebook to inform his family members about Mr. Alias’ situation. Mr. Alias’ nephew caught sight of the post and informed the family.

Mr. Alias is the process of being transferred to the National University of Singapore hospital.

This follows another case of a Singaporean who met his demise last week from his injuries after he was hit by another Malaysian car in Johor Bahru. The driver of that hit and run vehicle was arrested by the police and is now out on bail.


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