Singaporean Awesome Rant On How Govt Is Not Helping Local Sportsman


1Dear Singapore Uncensored,

I saw this post online and i feel that what he said make some sense.

I have two words for every million-dollar Singaporean politician who flew themselves to Rio to score photo opps and political points on our dime (on business class? on first class?) and then left someone like Saiyidah Aisyah, a SEA Games gold medalist, to the humiliation of having to crowdfund for a paltry $9,000 to go to Rio:


The next time you feel the urge to lecture Singaporeans on why we don’t excel in sports and the arts, kindly shove all your words up where the sun don’t shine.

You who cost us more than an Olympic gold every month EACH most certainly did not create Joseph Schooling. In fact, you are our greatest obstacle to creating more Joseph Schoolings.

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