Singaporean attacked in Johor by a group of bikers



A driver and his family was traveling from Malacca to Singapore on 30 October 2016 in their Mercedes Benz.

This incident happened between yong peng and machap in Johor.

Suddenly a motorcyclist rode next to their car and kicked the side mirror of the car.

Mr Jay the driver 31 years old stopped the car when the rider fell.

He said: “I was shocked,”

“Suddenly, another rider came by and hit my car several times with his hands and helmet, asking me to step out. He tried to open my door but it was locked.”

Awhile later Mr jay manged to drive away but behind was around 10 of them chasing after him.

The robbers are smashing the car wind screen with their helmets and one of them carrying a wooden pole around 1.5meter long.

Mr Jay said: “Just one more hit and the windscreen would have given way. I knew I had to step out to save my family.”

They took turns to hit Mr Jay.

He said: “One of the attackers asked me to hand over my passport and RM2,000 (S$660) as compensation for causing the ‘accident’ with their friend.

“I gave them $650 and hoped they would leave us alone but they wanted my mobile phone as well. I refused to give it to them.

“Suddenly, they fled. I think they had other friends in the area who told them that the police were coming.”

“I’m lucky I didn’t suffer any serious injuries. Just some pain and a few bruises here and there.”

Mr Jay had made a police report both in Malaysia and Singapore.



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