Singapore Woman In ICU After Hit By E Scooter



(image source: TNP)

In the following two days, her friends and family should make what could be a last chance choice – whether to take her off life support.

The last time they saw her cognizant was last Saturday when she exited their Pasir Ris home with her bike to search for basic needs.

It was her Saturday schedule, yet on this pivotal day, Madam Ang Liu Kiow, a 53-year-old housewife, met with a mishap including a 17-year-old on an electric bike.

She was still alert after the mischance yet lost cognizance in the emergency vehicle while being taken to Changi General Hospital (CGH), where she experienced two operations on her cerebrum.

Has she not woken up, as well as her condition has since exacerbated. Her better half and kids – two children and a little girl – are preparing themselves for the most noticeably bad.


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