Fat Singapore Woman Fantasize Get Rape By Many Man



I have been a virgin for the past 29 years. I always fantasize about having sex with man but i can’t seem to get any and i can’t afford a Gigolo. It is too expensive

.I once got rejected by a man that said….

“I rather f*ck a skinny pretty looking ladyboy”

My heart shattered and i am giving up…

My mother always said to be good on the inside and the man will come. Either the man is blind or is the fact that I’m fat and no one is interested to bang a fat chick.  I can only resort to vibrators and dildos. Recently i have been watching a hong kong rape movie on youtube which really turned me on.

I am tempted to go on craigslist and look for suitable partners to satisfy my desires. Has anyone got experience with hookup on craigslist?  But I’m afraid that i will get turn down after meeting up with the guys. I do not mind if the guy is ugly or fat like me. I just want to know how is it like. I want to try multiple guys at once. My best friend told me not to go online to look for a guy as it can be dangerous, I was thinking what can be dangerous for a plus size lady like me. In a matter of fact i can’t wait to try it.

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