Singapore teen urge to rape someone after watching pornographic videos



Marcus Yow Kai Wen was sentence on Monday(29 August 2016) with a minimum of 8 years jail and 12 stroke of cane due to his age.

He was 16 years old when he got the urge to rape someone after watching pornographic video.

When he was on probation, he also rape a woman 25 years old under his block.

The woman still under recovery when Yow was sentenced on Monday(29 August 2016).

Justice Choo Han Teck told Yow: “There is obviously something wrong with you because you have been committing this kind of offences since you were 16. If you do not do something about it and seek help, the next time you appear in court, you can be in lock-up for almost the rest of your adult life.”


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