Singapore Son Apologize To Mother For Getting Only 4 As


ptfounder1124_read-onlyMdm Soon’s son SMSed his results – all As, 229 – to his mother, asking: “Are you angry?”

Her reply: “(You) can forget about getting your Nintendo DS.”

Going with her child to gather his outcomes at Yew Tee Primary School’s lobby Thursday morning, Mdm Soon said she was “never this apprehensive getting (her) own PSLE comes about”. It was the 43-year-old’s first time experiencing PSLE as a parent.

Despite the fact that her child was hoping to get a T-score of 250, the full-time mother-of-two had come expecting three As and a B with a lower score of 230 on the grounds that she had “detected a few inquiries that turned out (in the PSLE) that he regularly couldn’t do, and still didn’t get right”.



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