Singapore Men Went 6 Countries To Find a Teddy Bear That Belong To His Ex Deceased girlfriend



Dear Singapore Uncensored,

A Singaporean men 32 years Daniel old went to 6 different countries just to find a teddy bear that he gave his ex girlfriend 5 years ago. The teddy bear is believed to be a memento of his deceased ex-girlfriend.

China, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

His ex girlfriend left Singapore for a business trip and was due to return in 3 days, he received the news that his girlfriend pass away after involving herself in another woman’s robbing incident in Taiwan.

Most of her belongings has been returned to Singapore after the incident. Other than the bear. The bear was his first present to his girlfriend.

Daniel travelled each country and back tracing all the hotels she stayed to find the bear. Yes the bear was found in China, Beijing in a hotel lobby’s lost and found.



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