Singapore First Ever Man To Be Convicted Of Stalking, Demands Nude Photo


stalkerSingapore News – The 26 year old stalker was going after her ex-girl friends for more than 3 years. He insisting on being with her by sending her back from school. Not only he was stalking her, he also demanded not nude photos.

The victim tried to stop all connections with the stalker by blocking him every digital way of communicating her such as social media platforms and phone. The guy tried to get her attention by distributing nude photos of the girl in  the neighborhood and also distributing it at the school she was studying.

The stalker was convicted under Harassment and one more count for endangering the victim’s brother. He could get a jail time of up to four months.  The victim is traumatized by the actions of the stalker.

“Do you know that there is health insurance that includes coverage for both physical and mental health?”


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