Singapore Father Brought Home A Wild Snake And Its Missing In Housing Areas



Guy’s father brought home will snake and its missing now. Meaning what got snake in the housing areas? Got baby how?

“Alamak! Dad brought home a snake he found around his workplace. He has been hiding it in the fish tank for 2 months and Mom did not know about it. I just found out from my siblings that it is on the loose in the house. I do not think its poisonous but it will scare my mom if she stumble upon it. I am sure it is not dead because I did brought home a dead snake from Army before, that stinks! Getting paranoid not knowing where the snake has been hiding. I hate beetles. It flew in my ears before and the other day one was on my balls! WTF! I GUESS IT WANTED REVENGE CAUSE I SPRAY IT WITH SHIELDTOX THE NIGHT BEFORE. It went into Ninja mode and stick to my towel till the next morning. I was wiping myself dry when I felt something on my balls. Stupiak house animals. The only welcoming sight was a humming bird of 3 Generation that made a nest outside our window. Happy Thursday All!”


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