Singapore Dentist Fine $10,000 For Performing This Procedure…


Untitled-13Singapore Dental Council has suspended a dental practitioner after a disciplinary request discovered him liable of expert offense.

Dr Chua Teck Hum, who rehearses at My Dentist’s Clinique in Bedok, had extricated a patient’s tooth, expelled a remote body from the extraction site, and afterward performed a bone uniting operation. After seven weeks, he did an insert at the same site.

Notwithstanding, X-beams done three and six months subsequently demonstrated that the insert was not appropriately incorporated with the bone.

The SDC’s disciplinary advisory group reasoned this was on the grounds that Dr Chua had not sat tight sufficiently long for the bone joining to mend before doing the insert. Commonly, said the SDC in a press proclamation on Tuesday (April 1), the typical convention for the strategy Dr Chua had embraced is to hold up four months.

The patient inevitably went to another dental practitioner for a moment feeling, and the insert was uprooted.

Dr Chua was suspended for three months beginning April 1. He was additionally fined $10,000, blamed, made to compose a letter saying that he would not accomplish something comparative later on, and requested to pay the expenses of the procedures against him.


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