Is there an injustice in keeping animals as pets in Singapore? The rules are set in such a manner that no one could keep cats in HDB whereas dogs and other pets that are kept in cages are OK.

We have received the photo above indicating that the owner of the cats have to rehome the cats by a certain date. That is as good as giving away your kids, coming from someone who have had kept pets in the past. Nothing is more devastating than the loss of an animal friend.

The rules are as follows; there is a list of dogs that you can keep. Currently, you have a choice of 62 legal dogs that can be kept inside the house.

1 Affenpinscher 2 Australian Silky Terrier 3 Australian Terrier
4 Bichon Frise 5 Bohemian Terrier 6 Bolognese
7 Brussels Griffon (Griffon Bruxaellois) 8 Bichon Havanese 9 Border Terrier
10 Boston Terrier
(a) Lightweight
(b) Middleweight
11 Cairn Terrier 12 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
13 Chihuahua 14 Chinese Crested Dog 15 Chinese Imperial Chin
16 Chinese Temple Dog (Classic and Miniature) 17 Coton de tulear 18 Czech Terrier
19 Dachshund (Light and Miniature) 20 Dandie Dinmont Terrier 21 English Toy Spaniel
22 Griffon Belge 23 German Hunting Terrier 24 Griffon Brabancon
25 Hairless Dog 26 Italian Greyhound 27 Jack Russell Terrier
28 Japanese Spaniel (Chin) 29 Japanese Spitz 30 Lhasa Apso
31 Little Lion Dog 32 Lakeland Terrier 33 Maltese
34 Manchester Terrier 35 Miniature Pinscher 36 Miniature Schnauzer
37 Norfolk Terrier 38 Norwich Terrier 39 Papillon
40 Pekinese 41 Pomeranian 42 Poodle
43 Pug 44 Poodle (Miniature) 45 Schipperkee
46 Scottish Terrier 47 Sealyham Terrier 48 Shetland Sheep dog
49 Shih Tzu 50 Silky Terrier 51 Small Continental Spaniel
52 Small English Terrier 53 Small Spitz 54 Smooth Fox Terrier
55 Toy Fox Terrier 56 Toy Terrier 57 Tibetan Spaniel
58 Volpino Italiano 59 West Highland Terrier 60 Wire-Haired Fox Terrier
61 Welsh Terrier 62 Yorkshire Terrier


However, the rules for keeping cats are straightforward. HDB indicated that cats are not allowed in flats as they claim that they are ‘difficult to contain within the flat. And when allowed to roam, they will shed their fur and defecate/urinate in public areas as well as making caterwauling sounds (you know those loud, meowing you hear at night? It means they are ready to mate.) Most house cats do not even dare to leave the house, let alone go around HDBs, making a mess.

Growing up in HDB, I would get barked at by small dogs with their loud, sharp barks while I walk past estates. Is it noisy? Yes. Do I complain? No. I do not want to be the guy who would complain over any minor inconvenience but the neighbours usually respond quickly when they hear the barks.

I rarely get any problems with cats though. Most of the stray cats are well fed by resident feeders (and I thank them). I believe they keep the ‘kampung spirit’ alive by having cats around HDB. Cats normally mind their own business, some even run away at the sight of you while some will rub themselves on you to show some (much needed) attention.

Do you think our rules are archaic? Should there be a revamping of our rules to keep pets in HDB?


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