Simple steps to cut down your monthly electric bills and save more!!


Excessive energy usage is both taxing on the environment and household expenses. The guilty appliances in a home are the air con, refrigerators, water heaters, electric cooker, oven and steam irons. Compared to what many people believe, lights do not use up a lot of electricity making up around 20% of the household electricity consumption.

With every reduction of degree is equivalent to a 10% uptake in electrical consumption when the air con thermostat is at 16°C.

Instead of paying extra for electrical bill by put the air con temperature to near sub-zero temperature to cover yourself with thick blankets, the better alternative will be to sleep with less clothing or use an electric fan to feel cooler. Plus it will help to wick off your sweat from your body and it use a sizeable less electricity than an air con.

You can also use shade as a leverage to cool down your house by planting more leafy trees or position awnings or louvres in order that the sun don’t not overheat the windows and walls. Another way is to use solar tinting films which are frequently used on car windscreens to place on window panes.

By installing insulation at the roof its helps to create a cooler cave like environment in the house as majority of the heat come through there.
With many energy saving technology implanted into electrical appliances such as inverter technology, it will consumes at least 30-40% less electrical than the normal appliances. It is recommended to get those appliances for cooling equipment like the air con and fridge.

By doing the small things to enable saving it would create compound savings in order to change other isuses. Investigate where the leakage are, for example if a certain light is always switch on for long hours is that a must? Usage of LED bulbs will cut down the wattage if consumption is unavoidable.

If the electrical equipment life cycle is nearing, switching to energy-efficient one are suggested.

An average life span of a fridge is about 10 years as the parts and compressor are phased out and not outdated and not as energy efficient. For air-cons it about 5-10 years.


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