Shop thief give spartan kick to store keeper and run away


image(Image source:wanbao)(picture left: the woman shop thief. picture right:the store keeper showing how the kick was given)

On Monday(29 August 2016) at about 1950hours police was alerted after a shop theft at Block 503 Jurong west.

The couple, man 42 years old and woman 38 years old stole a SGD 25 hair straightener from a woman jewelry store.

When the store keeper saw the incident, the couple dashed out of the store and the store keeper gave chase but only managed to caught the wife.

Asked the woman to contact her husband to give in.

Awhile later the husband came back to the store and gave a spartan kick to the store owner and asked his wife to run!

This time round the store keeper shouted for help and near by people responded to it and help to catch the couple.


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