SG Woman Go Johor Bang Car Then Refuse To Pay Up. Boooooo


“SGX 8280X

Aunty shirking responsibility .. 16/3/2017 (5pm) at Jusco Tebrau this car suddenly stopped without double signalling & hit my car. Auntie’s attitude was very good & gave me RM200. Asked me to repair 1st & let her know how much will be the balance. She’d also gave me her Singapore hp number **** 7347

After checking, the headlamp’s bracket has broken & it costs more than RM 200+ to change a new 1. Called aunty to informed her, her attitude has changed thoroughly. She said that day she’d given me the RM200 was on an account that I’m a young girl & easier for me to be accountable to my parents. She said, in fact she can go to report that I banged her car.

I told her to bring my car to any shop to check the pricing if she don’t believed. Then, she asked me to repair alrd how much only let her know. Until today, called more than upteen times, none of the call she picked up. Then, called, messaged, WeChat all she has BLOCKED me.

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