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The father of an track and field student who was professedly attacked by her mentor had advised his girl to excuse the culprit if the occurrence was “one-off”.

He was affirming on the principal day of trial into the claimed offense submitted by Singapore Athletics Vice President, Loh Chan Pew, 72, in the State Courts on Monday (22 January).

The father, who can’t be named, said his little girl, a 18-year-old learner at that point, sorrowfully described to him how her mentor had attacked her.

Loh is blamed for utilizing criminal power and rubbing the privates of the adolescent on two events. The first was said to have happened between January 2013 and 17 March 2013 on a seat in Tampines Stadium. The second episode supposedly occurred on 17 March 2013 on a back rub bed in a hardware room in a similar stadium.

The casualty can’t be named to secure her personality. Loh has three other comparable charges including a 16-year-old competitor, which have been remained down.

The veteran mentor, who was a national sprinter and has prepared national competitors amid his decades-long vocation, disappeared of nonappearance from his post in Singapore Athletics in August 2016 after the affirmations.

The casualty’s dad was the first of six arraignment witnesses booked to stand firm. He told the court that he had went with his little girl, at that point a yearning competitor, to one instructional meeting and watched that the two had a “teacher and learner relationship”.

He told the court that his little girl, who “constantly needed to speak to Singapore”, had a “high respect” for Loh where preparing was concerned however that she didn’t talk much about him generally.

In any case, following the occurrence, the casualty uncovered to her dad that Loh had kneaded her as a feature of his preparation procedure and that he had attacked her.

At the point when the father initially knew about the occurrence, he said he was hesitant for his little girl to make additionally move against Loh.

“I thought it was an irregular circumstance, perhaps she should simply proceed and proceed onward,” he stated, including that his little girl should “excuse the man” and proceed onward on the off chance that it was “one-off”. “She said in tears, ‘Dad you don’t recognize what he did to me’.”

As indicated by him, his little girl had documented a police report before letting him know of the affirmed episode.

“I felt a feeling of disappointment as I had been sending her to preparing and disillusioned that I couldn’t have done (more).”

Loh is spoken to by legal advisors Lew Chen and Victor Lee from Chambers Law. The trial proceeds.

On the off chance that indicted on utilizing criminal power with the expectation to shock the unobtrusiveness of a man, Loh can be imprisoned up to two years as well as fined on each tally. He can’t be caned as he is over 50 years of age.


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