SG Teen Caught Stealing In BKK Platinium Mall. OMG DISGRACE!!!


Two young ladies in the gathering were caught on camera taking things from ‘My Friday Shop’ in Platinum Fashion Mall yesterday .

They were located at another shopping centre Ma Boon Kong AKA MBK with two other young boys. All four was brought back to Platinum Mall for questioning. The mall security verified them with the photos taken earlier.

The ladies postured sincerely for the photos and continued giggling as they were being captured.

Photographs flowing online demonstrate the two young ladies grinning while holding up cash and the clothing they supposedly stole. One of them even stood out her tongue as her photograph was being taken.

The two ladies inevitably consented to pay 5,000 Baht (S$191) to the shop proprietor if the last did not document a police report, reported Stickboy Bangkok.


Taking after the occurrence, one of the ladies then posted a photograph of her that was taken by shopping center security on her Instagram page with the inscription:

“MUG SHOT HAHAHA you take 390 Baht (S$14) of garments and they cut down all and make you pay 5000.”


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