SG Prison Gay Officer Molest And Sex Abuse Male Inmate



A sergeant with the Singapore Prison Service was yesterday discovered liable of nine charges of attacking a male detainee in Admiralty West correctional facility.

Mohamed Faris Osman, 47, touched the 20-year-old prisoner from China improperly on seven distinctive events amongst July and October a year ago. He even snatched the prisoner’s rear end and grabbed his reproductive organs.

Twice, when he was reproached, the wedded jail officer asked the detainee: “Officer sayang (cherish) you, why you no sayang officer?” But the prisoner – who can’t be named to ensure his character – endure the sexual misuse since he was apprehensive his correctional facility term would get expanded.

It was just when another jail officer saw that the detainee was discouraged and troubled that the matter became exposed. The jail administrator quickly exchanged him to another lodging unit.

Following a nine-day trial, Faris, who was out on safeguard of $10,000 set up by his significant other, faces up to two years in prison and a fine for every charge of utilizing criminal power to insult the prisoner’s unobtrusiveness.

The father of three youngsters is relied upon to be sentenced by District Judge May Lucia Mesenas at a later date. The case will be said again on July 8

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