SG Men Play Phone Game While Feeding Baby, Baby Drop and Died


_censoredOn Tuesday a three-month-old child may have gagged to death while being container sustained by her dad who was occupied playing with a football game on his handphone.

Reyhana Qailah Mohamad Shiddiq was being fed by her dad, Mr Mohamed Shiddiq Sazali, now 27.

This is actually the 2nd incident that cause injury to the baby, the first time he was playing phone and drop the baby on the floor.

Alone with the child, Mr Shiddiq was playing a football game on his cellular telephone while bolstering Reyhana with his left hand when she started battling.

.Examination officer Tony Won affirmed Reyhana had begun pushing the milk bottle away utilizing her tongue.However, her dad kept on playing the diversion and put the milk bottle inside her mouth.

Reyhana cried and began kicking.Mr Shiddiq kept playing without taking a gander at his girl.

Mohamed Shiddiq Sazali could not stop playing his mobile game even when his wife asked him to feed their baby girl Reyhana Qailah.

He instead of putting down his mobile phone, decided to multitask by continue playing his game with his right hand and feed his daughter milk from a milk bottle.

After two minutes, Reyhana went quiet.


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