SG Men Nipple Piercing Gone Wrong In Johor(Nips Fell OFF!)


Images(image source: piercing models)

Raymond Teo was part of a Singapore SM club member on craiglist. He wanted to stand out among the ladies by piercing his nipples. After realising the amount required to do the procedure.

On July 19, he head down to a tattoo and piercing shop located around Pelangi. He found out it was much cheaper to do it in Malaysia than in Singapore.

After booking a nearby hotel to rest the day after the procedure. He started the procedure to pierce his nipples but felt that the pain was excruciating and jerk suddenly causing his nipples to tear off his chest. He panic and black out, the tattoo artist and Raymond’s friend(preferred not to be named) brought him to the nearest hospital to re attach the nipples.

It is unclear if Raymond’s nipples are reattached.


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