Little gal was at  waterway Point playing in the indoor playground since 5.30pm with no issue or what so ever.

With my wife sitting at the sidelines watching her play. Out of the blue she started crying with that my wife watched her getting out of the hole crying to a granny close by with her signalling my wife to find her.

My girl told my wife while crying loudly that she was tricking into the hole and was afraid and alone wanting to go back.When she reached home and calmed down, she claimed she was punched many time and wacked by a boy inside the hole.

As my wife tried to extract more info, she became afraid and started to tears again and keeping her mouth shut. Every time my wife wanted to ask she will start crying. I guessing she was quite affected by the incident.

I wasted no time to went house upon informed by my wife of the incident and took them back to the indoor playground hoping to find that boy. But to our disappointed when we reached there at around 9plus pm he wasn’t there. My daughter remained tight lipped refusing to reveal anything when more info was question about the incident.

She was able to re-enact the incident at the playground claiming that was 2 boys outside of the hole, one wearing white t-shirt and blue shorts assaulted her. My wife did recall a skinny boy who was a head taller than my daughter wearing white top & blue shorts who wished to approach my daughter before they left the place.

A police report was required before any viewing of CCTV recording is allowed by the Waterway Point management. Though I went to lodge a report at the police due to my daughter being too afraid she was able to answer any question by the police officer and advised was given that we went back for a check-up of wound to extract more info before lodging a police report online.

Our intention is not to blow things out of proportion and get the boy arrested. We just wish that his parents acknowledge and teach him not anyhow use physical violence on other people and not let similar incident to happen to other kids in the future.


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