SG Kids Pressured. SG Parents Forcing Kids To Take Up Sports Class. Future J.Schooling?



Dear Singapore Uncensored,

After Joseph Schooling victory at 2016 Olympic games. Many Singapore parents are currently hoping that their children will be the next Gold Medal winner. As usual. kiasu….. Monkey see monkey do.

A cousin of mine has been posting on Facebook that his mother is forcing him to go for tennis classes. Even thought he is not interested in it. “My mom want me bring back 1 million dollar, i dont even like tennis”. Come on! Talent is build based on interest not by forcing!!!!

Let Joseph’s journey and victory be a guide for all Singaporean’s that it can be done. His personal interest in swimming is probably what kick started for this long journey. Parents need to understand that all children has different potential to amount to great victory and fame in the future. Dumping him into a random sport to get money in return is a complete joke and will get him or her no way!

No interest = No Interest

What do you guys think?


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