Some of you may have seen this post going around regarding my dispute with Stickies Bar (Sunset Lane branch) and here is my response.

Here’s what happened on Thursday (29/6) night chronologically:

My partner and I visited the bar at 830pm. Ordered a beer tower. A friend came to join us at 10pm. Finished the tower and ordered another just before 11pm. At 1115pm, a staff first came over to inform us that they would be closing at 12am, Subsequent reminders/warnings followed every 5 mins.

At 11:52pm, their security guard came over to ask us to leave as they were closing. We weren’t the last customers around at that point. I checked my phone for the time and clarified with him nicely if they close at 12am, and requested to finish our drink (1 small individual glass each; tower already cleared away) within the 8 mins then. He replied no, “I have to ask you to leave now.”

At this point I was perplexed; 1) the stated closing time was 12am, but we were forced to leave before that, 2) no staff was requesting the customers at the other tables to leave at that point. He then repeated that we have to leave immediately and mentioned that he would have to drag us out if we stay any longer. On top of being perplexed, I was appalled and angered by his responses, which resulted in me knocking over the Uno Stacko blocks due to a moment of rashness. To which I acknowledge that it was not necessary, and for that I apologise. Lastly, we did proceed to leave before 12am.

As a customer, I felt awfully unwelcomed from 1115pm onwards, I also felt that the responses from the staff was uncalled for, especially when we expressed that we just wished to finish our drink and leave, with no intention of staying past 12am. Hence, I stand by my review at the bar. But I understand that perhaps the service crew’s view on the matter may have been different from mine and if they took offense, I apologise.

However, my main issue is the bar/Norman Then’s response to my review. I respect that as the CEO, he feels protective of the business and his employees, but it still does not warrant such rude, unprofessional responses (i.e. choice of words in the original review, sharing the post on the Stickies page, which is a business page and sending a private message which was extremely sarcastic). I believe that my original review was an objective view of a business and there was no need on their part to make it personal. Additionally, I am not the first person to give them a 1 star review so it’s incomprehensible to me why they have chosen to attack me in such a way. It could be a mere publicity stunt (done distastefully) but on my part, I would just like to acknowledge this matter and put it to rest now.

To all who have shown concern for me one way or another, thank you 🙂 

Source: FB post by Fawn Chia


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