I started chionging TD in 2009-2010 I think. Had a decent well to do sg bf then but got sucked into the TD life & broke up with him. Was a total bitch back then so probably that’s why I got my karma eventually lol. First TD I ever went to in my life was Sensation!. Was jio-ed there by one of my colleagues who was working part-time there as a singer. Got my first GT there as well.. I was totally clueless abt TD & flowers etc, so when my singer colleague stuffed $20 in my hands & asked me to hf for one of the TBs, I just did it lo. Then subsequently I started to hang more & more flowers for him on that day, bank acct was left with like $0 at the end of the day lol. Kenna GT by him, & then the usual story.. Supported him everytime he came back to sg, spent all my money on drinks & flowers..

From then on, I visited TD like at least twice a week? From one boy to another.. Sometimes fighting for a particular boy with other customers too lol. Quite funny now that I come to think of it. Got to know some really good drinking kakis from here, looking back I do miss those fun times now & then hehe. (Hope you guys are doing well!!!) Basically spent all the money I earned on flowers, hardly had any left for even food at times.

This went on until early 2016. Within this period, I had two Thai bfs. The first one cheated on me with his “sister”. I was really naive back then. Visited him twice in Thai – second time, saw a pretty intimate pic with that particular “sister” (whom I know for a longer time than him in fact!) but I still chose to trust him. But ultimately he just turned cold & stopped replying, stopped talking to me, & after like a mth of so I finally realised that that’s his way of breaking up with me. Anyway, I’m not sure if he even considered me as his gf then lol.

Second bf lasted for two years, from 2014 to 2016. This was a more serious rlnship, where I flew to wherever he was to find him abt once a mth or every two mths. We were very much public abt our rlnship, had plans for marriage etc, I even learnt to read/write/speak decent Thai. But TBs being TBs, they are complete spendthrifts. They spend every CENT they have on drinking & getting drunk. End of 2014 (x’mas to new year period), we had a very violent quarrel over that. He bashed me up so bad for a good 24 hrs in an apt which is in quite an ulu location. It was very, very bad. I was left with a burst blood vessel in my eye, big bruises all over my body (like half my thigh & arm was bruised), & a super swollen face. He drank non stop for 24 hrs & just went crazy when he was drunk. One moment he would be hugging me & next moment he would be hitting me again. It was a nightmare & I tried to escape a couple of times but couldn’t. He would always find me at the staircase landing (that was the only place I could run to in a desperate attempt). I screamed, shouted, cried, but nobody actually bothered. Guess they just assumed it was a normal couple quarrel or smth. 24 hrs later, at abt 10pm, I decided enough was enough. He had fallen asleep after drinking & I took the opportunity to RUN for my life. I stole his phone & took whatever cash was left (he had smashed my phone to pieces & took all the money to feed his drinking addiction), grabbed my luggage & RAN for my life. I literally did that bcos he would only sleep for like 10-15 mins before waking up & starting all the drama again. So I used up all the energy I had to run downstairs & ask for help.

Thankfully the security was a nice guy. Told him to help get me out of there ASAP & that I wanted to go to the airport. Immediately he knew what happened. I asked him to help me call for a cab but he told me no cab would turn in to that location. He came with his scooter, loaded my luggage on, I sat behind & he rode me out to the main road. Why did I trust him? Well, either way I would have died there so I would have just taken any chance. He sent me up the cab, told the driver to go to suv. airport. Thank goodness for him, really.

I slept in the airport till 6am. Got my sis to tfr me some money & at 6am, I desperately ran ard the airport looking for a flight home. All the flights were full except for a Thai Airways flight which was due to take off in abt 20 mins. I wasted no time. Bought the ticket & literally FLEW to the dep gate lol. Two days later, he called me non stop & asked what happened etc etc. Apologised, begged for my forgiveness, & promised to quit drinking. I forgave him. 2 weeks later, he was back to his old ways. Still, I stayed with him..

Early 2016, he broke up with me bcos he claimed I cheated on him. He wanted me to help him find jobs in sg, so I went to every club, trying to ask if there was any vacancy. Some drama happened in one of the clubs, one of the TBs hated my guts bcos he thought I had told his big fish (customer) smth bad abt him.. & suddenly all the farked up TBs from that club ganged up against me & went to tell my then-bf that I cheated on him with another TB working in that club. (As you all should know, Thais would always side Thais…)

Obviously he chose to trust them, & broke up with me. Next day, I immediately bought a ticket to Hatyai (he was at Dannok) to look for him. I have no idea how I managed to find his apt, I looked at photos where he had previously shown me & just went all ard the farking place. Finally found his apt, set up a new line acct to text him (he had blocked me EVERYWHERE), still he didn’t wanna see me. Some of our mutual friends eventually convinced him to at least talk to me. I begged him, threw all my pride away, but nope. He had none of it. He made me go back to sg the next day, promising me that if I became better (now that I think abt it, better in what way?!) he would patch with me. So I made arrangements to go back sg the next day. That night, he was drunk & still dared to ask for s_x. Told him I was having my period & he was mad as fark lol.

Went back, continued wasting my time & life feeling emo, sad & depressed over him. He blew hot & cold, sometimes replying me & sometimes completely ignoring me. Other times, he would scold me. Eventually I picked myself up, told myself to stop being so stupid, & moved on. Accepted a job offer which thankfully waited for me while I sorted myself out, & started a new job with new priorities & responsibilities. Found my current sg bf, who is 1000000x better than him, & making plans to get married & build our future tgt.

Been a good one year since I left the TD scene. Occasionally I still go back to catch up with old friends, but I no longer drink as much. Heck, I can’t even finish half a tower now lol. Life is definitely a lot more peaceful now :) do I miss the past? The happy party times, yes, but not all the drama hehe. I’m just glad I chose to walk out from a toxic rlnship. Needless to say, he came back to me after the girl HE had cheated on ME on left him hahaha. (Yup, that was why he was so adamant abt the break up back then)

Ok, abrupt end to the story cos it’s time to pangkang lol. Bros who still have my line, let’s catch up sometime ok!! & please continue to enjoy the Martells, beers & TGs/TBs on my behalf ;D ;D ;D


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