I am turning 27 this year and I am still looking for a boyfriend to be my life partner. Honestly, I never thought things would turn out this way. I used to be the popular girl in Uni, with several admirers chasing me both in hall and in the faculty. Most of them were nice guys who were kind and attentive but I always found them boring, predictable and thought they were too easy. One of them even waited 3 years for me.

I ended up dating different stereotypical “f*** boys” over the years, cus they were always more fun, cool, drove cars, paid my meals or drinks at clubs etc. But my last boyfriend cheated on my after I graduated and I’ve been single ever since.

Since graduation I found that my tastes started to change, I started to look for things like practicality and thoughtfulness, traits that I felt nice guys had, but strangely all the nice guys aren’t available anymore. One by one I see them getting engaged or getting together with other “nice” girls who weren’t the popular kind in sch.

Why aren’t there any normal nice guys left? I tried using apps like CMB or Tinder but out of a 100 perhaps only 1 guy is looking for something more than a 1 night stand. And I even went out with some I met online thinking they’re the one but they turned out already having a gf or just looking for some “fun”.

I tried other ways to meet new people, such as conventional dating companies but the guys there are often in their 30s or 40s, rich, successful but often desperate or have other issues like they’re divorced or have 2 kids etc.

With each passing day it feels like I am lowering my standards or expectations bit by bit. My mom is always pressuring me to find someone soon else ill end up unwanted. She keeps asking about some of the nice guys whom dropped by before or sent my flowers during v day in the past but little does she know they’ve already found their partners.

Guess this is my retribution for not giving nice guys a shot when I was younger.

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