SG girl consume drug exposed by Chen Yu Xi


Dear Singapore Uncensored,

A Facebook user by the name of Chen Yu Xi shared disturbing photos of a local girl consuming the drug ICE or methamphetamine on live video chat. It showed the girl heating up the drug before consuming the drug using a long straw.

The girl was visibly high and showed the terrible effect of illegal drug consumption. She had heavy dark eyebags and looked disoriented in some of the pictures taken.

Although these photos are disturbing, they paint the true reality of drug users and the devastating effects such drugs have on the body. I hope you will share these images with your readers to spread awareness and encourage our Singapore youths to stay away from drugs or end up like this addict.

You can see the photos below.

By Marianne

Crazy methamphetamine bitch, I really don't know why must u also join Geylang Gangsters to set me up for all these over…

Posted by Chen Yu Xi on Monday, March 6, 2017



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