Beware of scammer who cheated people during Hari Raya and cheated me of $15k!!! 😱😱

A lot of people have been curious about what happened between kenneth and I so this post would be juicy news for most of you 

I was together with Kenneth in Nov 2014. He was 20 at that time. A month later he turned 21 and signed for credit cards (bcos very young have credit card very satki 🤓). He started going into credit card debts 3 months into our relationship. I would always find out about the debts myself bcos HE NEVER ONCE TOLD ME ABOUT IT. Being 19 at that time I was young, naive and extremely in love (don’t know love what) so I would try my best to talk things out with him and paid for his debts. This happened more than 15 times during our 2 years relationship so for me to get mad at him would be an understatement. I have cried, and knelt down and begged him to change his ways but he did not.

Before anyone passes their ruthless judgements on me, I was earning more than ken at that time and we would always go dutch for our meals. I felt bad to ask him to pay for both of us as he was earning lesser than me. If I was craving for something slightly more expensive I would pay for both our meals. I sound like a fool to tell you that I DONT KNOW WHAT HE SPENT ON. Towards the end of our relationship, I found lawyers’ letters and a stack of credit card statements in a backpack. The credit card statements showed that he only withdrew cash, which was why I did not know what he spent on. Trust me when I say I have probed so many times where he spent his money on but he refused to say. I suspected that it was because of gambling. I searched his computer history but to no avail. I called the gambling hotline to check if he entered casinos and to ban him if he did, but they had no records of him entering casinos. So to everyone who thinks he gambles, I can safely say no. And no, he is not an alcoholic. I don’t know where’s the money 🤦🏼‍♀️

After a year into our rs, I found out that he started oweing money again lol maybe he don’t owe money he feel very itchy. Cut the long story short, I asked him what was his solution. He said that his friend asked him to work for a telco company to install cable tv and he would be able to take home $8k/month if he worked hard. But he would only get his 3 months worth of salary on the 4th month. I followed him to to HQ to ask about the comm scheme bcos I didn’t trust him. After getting details from the OM of the company, everything ken told me was true. however, we faced a problem bcos he had to survive for 3 months with no pay, and it was a MUST to drive a car according to the OM. I decided to lend him $15,000 to tide through these 3 months. $15k sounds like more than enough but it wasn’t, bcos the minimum payments for the banks were approximately $3k/month. If you do the math, that would leave him $2k/month for his own expenses including car + petrol. I said that he could return me half the money first after getting his pay, and take the rest to pay the bank. The subsequent amount he owes me would be discussed after he has settled down. This was the best solution we had at that point so that he could be debt free.

Ken was a very clingy bf. We met everyday during our rs. He drove to my place everyday with his uniform and told me about his day. Somehow I felt that he was lying to me about work and tried talking to him about it, but he was extremely manipulative and said that he has changed for the better and he would never lie to me. He said that “if I never work at Company X already I sure tell you one what. I so boliao wear my uniform everyday find you meh”. So I left it as that. I truly felt that he wanted to start anew.

Fast forward 4 months later, it was the day he was supposed to collect his pay. I was very excited and even told him that it would finally be the end of all his financial problems. I followed him to the HQ bcos I was afraid he would cash out the money and do something silly with it. We planned to head to the banks to clear his debt together. When we reached the HQ, he said that I was not allowed to go up as I wasn’t a staff. I waited in the car for 1 hour….and if u think this is some fairytale love story then I’m sorry to say that he came down with no cheques 😁

He told me that his OM would give him the cheques later in the afternoon and look for him at Serangoon (I think). We drove around for 6 hours. Ken even told me his OM drives a white Lexus and told me the carplate number. Everytime I saw a white Lexus I told him to catch up with it but only to be taken for a fool. I flared up and told him not to play games with me. Collecting a cheque of 23k was a lot of money. He gave me his OM’s number to call but the phone was off the whole time. Here comes the juicy part…..

He later admitted to me that his OM’s number was fake. Ken actually went to one of the telcos to sign up for the most expensive phone line, terminated the line, just to sell the phone. His OM’s number was actually the terminated telco line that kenneth signed for 🙂 Apparently he did this with all the telcos which meant that he was also oweing approx $2k each to StarHub, M1 and SingTel for early termination of the line. He did this so that he could sell the phone and “earn money”. Next, he told me that he was actually fired during his SECOND week of work. After meeting him for 3 months everyday, and how he met problematic customers on a daily basis, and even spending 6 hours looking for his non existent OM, everything was a lie. If he were to just tell me that he was fired on the 2nd week, he would not be oweing me so much money now. He is nothing but a manipulative liar. I hope at this point it has dawned on everyone of you how good of a manipulator he was and why I fell for it time and again. Yes, I was naive and gullible. And I can only blame myself for that.

The very next day, we planned to return the car. I waited for ken at Bugis for over an hour and started to get worried. I received a call from his mom and she told me that someone had stolen Kenneth’s stepdad’s credit card and swiped 8k at Nübox. She asked if kenneth would do such a thing. I told her I would call her back. I proceeded to call UOB to check my outstanding on my credit card and to my horror, kenneth had withdrew a sum of money from my credit card as well. He swiped 8k at Nübox to purchase iPhones and sold it at a loss to “earn money”. Apparently, his definition of earning money is extremely contradicting and beyond my level of understanding. Anyway, the rest of what happened is history..

The harsh reality of breaking up in a rs like that is of course o$p$. So I met up with ken, his mom, his bro and my dad to settle the payment. My dad initially wanted Ken’s mom to pay me the full amount of $15k, but I told my dad that she has helped ken pay a sum of his debts and from what I understood she was tight on cash and I wanted to show her mercy. So we settled for an installment of $1k/month to be made by ken. Pls note that during the course of negotiation, Ken’s mom tried putting the blame on me time and again but my dad and I chose to stay mum about it. We did not want to make a fuss. The thing about his family is that despite the other party having the upper hand, they have their ways to manipulate and turn the situation around to make it seem like they’re at the winning end.

Heres an analogy of the situation to the best of my memory:

Ken’s Mom: we hope you don’t have to ask us to pay the full 15k at one go. I paid a lot of his debts already I can’t afford 15k.


Ken’s mom: I will make sure he pays. If he doesn’t then WE WILL FIND WAYS TO PAY YOU.

Me and dad: ok, then we will settle for $1k/month

-instead of saying thank you-

Ken’s mom: you’re a bad influence to my son

I have never felt so appreciated in my life.

Payment was not prompt. It is EXTREMELY tiring to pester ken for money and he eventually disappeared for 2 months. I went down to Ken’s place w my parents wanting to speak to his mom but she wasn’t home. I was unfairly greeted by his stepdad who screamed at me and said “I DONT WISH TO SEE YOU! YOU ARE IN CAHOOTS WITH KEN TO STEAL MY CREDIT CARD!!!!!” His mom called me later and gave me a mouthful. She said “ken pay you a bit of the money very good already! He owe u 15k, he pay u 3k is more than enough”. So here’s a shoutout to anyone who needs money: pls borrow from Ken’s mom. Maybe if you borrow 20k from her, u pay her $500 she will be very happy. Don’t say I got good lobang never jio 🙃

Apparently, Ken’s mom totally disregarded the fact that she promised to find ways for ken to pay us when she met up with my dad and I. A successful woman earning 5 digits per month, used full cash to purchase her BMW, but could not deliver what she promised? And in return, INSULTED me and forgot that I chose to settle for $1k/month? 🤷🏼‍♀️

I managed to get a hold of ken after flaming him the first time on fb (the post has been deleted). He disappeared for 2 months but when the post was up he contacted me IMMEDIATELY. I met him tgt with my parents. He said he disappeared for 2 months bcos he couldn’t afford $1k/month 🤦🏼‍♀️ so we settled for $500/month. My parents told him to live his life right and that it isn’t over for him. They even told him that they believed in him bcos he was a very intelligent boy. People who know my family well would know that my parents are genuinely nice people. When we reached home, my mom even cried and said she felt so heartbroken for kenneth when he told them he feels like he doesn’t have a future anymore.

Now, he has obviously disappeared again. I was alerted ytd that he has been going round scamming people on carousell during Hari Raya. He told people that he is offering car rental services but a deposit of $300 must be made to his OCBC account. Needless to say he does not work for a car rental company and disappeared with the money. All victims have made a police report. I do not have his carousell username so I’m unable to check.

The reason why I didn’t make a police report about him stealing my credit card earlier was bcos if he lands in jail I won’t be able to get back my 15k. From what I understand, SPF will not investigate him despite the fact that all his victims have alr made a report. According to one of the victims, SPF says that they can only proceed with investigation if one more report is being made about him. The theft of my credit card case will be valid for 2 years but my parents don’t wish to see his life ruined and are very adamant that I don’t make the report. Being flamed on social media is a slap on the wrist and I believe anyone would trade that instead of going to jail.

Ken came from a broken family and I tried my best to fill up that void in him. His dad is not in sg and would only visit once a year. I knew that he did not have the proper guidance so I tried to impart to ken everything that my parents has taught me: be merciful; be kind and caring because you never know what someone is going through. I tried to be a mother, a father, a good friend, and above all else I tried to be the best gf I could be. I told him to treat his mom right, bcos being rude to her would mean that that was how he was gonna treat me in future if we were to get married. However, all I got from all these were insults by his mother for being a bad influence. The reason why I didn’t want to leave him was bcos he once said to me “I hope you never leave my life. My dad did that to me once and I don’t want to experience it again.” And so I stayed to try and make the rs work. The only mistake I made was that I should’ve gotten him to cancel all his credit cards the moment I cleared his debts for him. It’s too late to regret as I was young and naive, but I am older now and a lot wiser.

On a side note, I do not appreciate comments such as “woah! You and your parents very good leh ask them if they want adopt me or not?” If you think it’s funny, your joke is distasteful. I have been extremely depressed over this saga so be mindful.

Source: FB post by Beatrice How


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