SG Family Robbed In Bangkok. TRAVELLERS BEWARE


bkkMy family of 6 was enjoying our holiday last week at Bangkok. We were told by the hotel security guard that there is a night market nearby that sells all sorts of stuff and tell us it’s a must go. He offered us a map to direct us to the market.

Upon reaching the night market we were greeted by roadside shop owners saying “LV? LV? LV?”. I believe there is a large amount of counterfeit goods in this street of night shops. Out of nowhere a man appeared and lead us to his stall to check out his merchandise.

After browsing the items in the stall a group of people pretending to be customers surrounded us.

I do not like crowded areas and told my family members i will wait outside the market.

20mins later my family members rushed out of the night market and said that my sister’s phone and wallet is missing from her bag. My mom said that the loose change of a few hundred baht is also missing from her pocket. Immediately i realise it was the bunch of crowded people that did the job. I ran back into the market to look for the thugs but none of them were in the night market.

To all travellers out there please be careful when travelling in crowded places. Especially in night markets!


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