SG Cheating Wife. 2nd FB Account Exposed By Husband!!!!


Dear reader,

I really hope you can help me post this story. My Brother Mr. K’s family really is in a mess now, I hope once his wife’s hidden love export out and they’re break up this un- normal relationship and back to they’re family. Thank you. I have a lovely family with my lovely kids, but my wife asked me to go oversea to work because I can earn more over there, but my wife fall in love with a guy with a family too, Both of them work in the same company. And she even created a fake FB account and post all they’re sweet relationship over there. And even brought expensive branded for his birthday using my hard earn money, they even travel overseas monthly to have some romantic time together. I’m not really sure about Mr. B’s wife, but for what I heard, Mr. B never took the responsibility to take care them, Mr. B willing to spend money going hotel, overseas and gift and never even pay for his family.

Submitted By Cindy Salvatore


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