Never would I thought I would see this guy again, f*cking bad memories of him, he literally fucked up my whole teenage life, and in case you guys are wondering, yes he does this “black magic” stuff for real and it has been happening since 7 or 8 years ago when I was around 16 years old.

He claims to be part of a secret society and stuff like that back then, so apparently my mother used to rent a room of our apartment in boon lay to him, and he has a shit ton of kumantongs with him.

He will try to get close to you and make you believe that he’s nice and he’s the only person that you will ever need in your life.

So apparently I was under his “spell” or some sort and this guy conned my savings for good. He likes to target young and naive teenagers who doesn’t know what he really does, claiming that if you were to give him a certain amount of money he can do this and that for you, he has a bad reputation here in the west side and apparently the last time I heard of him was in Chong pang area,

how do I know?

Well after all that sh*t happened with him and a few years have passed and because he owes me money I have decided to get some of it back, so I was desperate and I decided to do my own CSI shit where I track him down and to a certain extend I was able to get hold of him and get my money back, I also saw him at Chong pang riding a f**king e-scooter (cause that’s what cunts do) so if any of you need help to catch this piece of shit,

I would be more glad to help. Side note (he targets guys and elderly people as his victims as giving them aumlets saying it will protect them blah blah blah).


Source: James Low


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