Serial Child Molestor At Boon Lay


Untitled-22Molester from Malaysia Mr Lim Kok Leong 29 years old was jailed 6 months  for touching 2 girl’s buttock.

Incident occur last year at Boon Lay Shopping Centre , he saw a girl that was shopping with her parents and he tried to walk pass and touch her butt. After observing from a distance that the girl did not react much neither did she told her parents. Lim wanted a second go, he walk pass swiftly and touch her buttock again.

This time the girl reacted and told her parents what had happened. The paretns shouted at Lim and tried to catch him. Lim ignore them and ran away.

After investigations was done, Lim was arrested. Shortly after that he paid for bail and attack his next victim.

This time a 14 year old girl, Lim molested a 14 year old while he was still on bail. The incident happen again at Boon Lay area.  Lim could have gotten 5 years of jail time and canning.


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