Serangoon Shop House On Fire!



A fire started at around 3pm yesterday at Robert lane, Serangoon road. The occupant at the shop stated that the office on the second floor. The equipments such as computers,handphone and furniture got burned. The fire went all the way to the roof.

The fire did not stop there. Luckily Mr Michael Nassim the neighbouring occupant, who sell watches online fire insurance. His merchandise was not affected by the fire but the owner is worried about his business will be forced to close down. In an event that BCA decides that the building no longer stable,the building might have to demolish. He added that his damaged furniture might cost up to $25,000 for replacement.

A total of 1 fire engine,3 rhinos and 3 other SCDF vehicals was at the scene to put out the fire. The fire lasted for 30mins before getting put out by SCDF.


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