Selfish Woman Blame Bus Driver For E-Braking To Avoid Accident, Causing Her Daughter To Hit Her Head



“Dear Tower Transit, I refer to the incident which happened on 25 Nov 16. Your bus driver jammed break to avoid a cyclist, causing my Daughter to hit her head. After several reminders, u finally contacted me today and informed me that you have ZERO liability in the incident as we didn’t take proper care of our Daughter and reputed my medical claim. I am waiting for an official reply from u regarding your zero responsibility and liability. Unbelievable that u claim to have zero responsibility and liability towards this incident when the whole incident won’t happen if your bus driver don’t apply, eemergency break to avoid the cyclist.
To all commuters: buy your own insurance as any accident caused by their driver will risk u not being compensated as it is your responsibility to take care of yourself.”


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