Hello greetings!

This is with regards to my encounter with @SMRTCorpSG taxi driver SHF*R at Woodlands Rosewood @EssoSingapore on 6 May 18, 7:15AM.

I had wanted to use the air pump. The driver is in the car wiping the interior. He looked up and saw me, then he continued wiping. I waited for a minute then I went down to approach him.

I asked him politely if I can use the air pump. He refused to move his vehicle and said he was waiting for the attendant to dry his car. I asked if he could move to the side first so that I can use the air pump and I’ll be out in a minute as I’m rushing and he can take the lot back as the attendent were still wiping the other cars.

He still declined and said he was early in the slot and we should just wait for him until he is done. The attendant then asked me to move over to the other side to wait for the other car to move off. In the end I had wait for the other car to move off and to slot in thru the other side.

When I was pumping the tyre, the taxi driver still keep telling me off that I should wait for other driver to move off. He said he was there very early and need that lot. He says he’s returning the vehicle. Can something be done regarding this? Thanks.

Hello greetings!This is with regards to my encounter with @SMRTCorpSG taxi driver SHF3R at Woodlands Rosewood @…

Posted by Benny Huang on Saturday, May 5, 2018


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