3343234We still need MANY MANY MANY volunteers for this annual charity lunch..interested pls pm us..It only takes a few hours of ur time..but to those elderly,its a memory of their lifetime..Ur few hrs time can really make a difference..

*PS* I need more MALE VOLUNTEERS..cos need to carry gifts..we have too many female volunteers liao..难道男的都没爱心?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

If really really no time to least do me a simple me share this post..thanks very very much..


Date : 4th Oct 2018 Thurs
Venue : 791 Ang Mo Kio ave 10
Estimated Duration : 5 hrs

Assembly Point :: Blk 115 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
Assembly Time : 9am sharp
Attire for Volunteer : Anything u r comfortable with but try NOT to wear slippers
*lanyard with volunteer pass will be provided*

Event Organiser : LynnSim
Blk 115 Group IC : 孫逸耘 Tammie
Blk 115 Gift IC : Guowei Shi

Job scope :

*At assembly point*
Assist group ic in taking attendance
Helping elderly to board the bus
Assist gift ic to confirm gifts with elderly

*At event venue*
Helping elderly to alight the bus
Lead elderly to their allocated tables
Hang around their tables attending to their needs(eg. Toilet breaks)
Chit chat with them
Assist gift ic to prepare the gifts for them

*After event*
Helping them board back the designated buses
Loading the gifts up the buses
Distribution of gifts
Sending them home,carrying their gifts back to their home



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