#Scootsafe and don’t let reckless riding dampen your #CNY spirit! !!


#Scootsafe and don’t let reckless riding dampen your #CNY spirit! As part of our regular patrols, LTA conducts enforcement operations against the errant riding of personal mobility devices (#PMD) on roads.

In routine enforcement operations held at #Woodlands last week, 12 errant PMD users were caught riding illegally on roads. Their actions endanger both the riders as well as other road users, and their PMDs have since been impounded.

#Didyouknow? Riding your PMDs on the roads is an offence. If convicted in Court, first-time offenders face a fine of up to $2,000 and/or up to 3 months jail, with repeat offenders facing heftier penalties. Join our Safe Riding Programme to learn how to ride your devices safely, as well as important rules and code of conduct that #cyclists and PMD users should adopt. It’s free for public participants from this month onwards too. More details:https://goo.gl/AU4rP4

Source: FB post by Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving


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