carscamTo all car rental companies / car owners, please be aware / blacklist this 25 year old MUHAMMAD SHAH JAHAN BIN ABDUL MUBARAK residing at Sembawang Close.

And to those who are renting your cars to him, please take it back.

This guy rented my wife’s car for long term (with black n white agreement and insurance coverage for him) and has defaulted our weekly payment of one week ($350).

He has also accumulated countless parking summons amounting to $1K plus with HDB. He breached our contract by illegally renting out our car to other people through Carousell.

Our car got into two accidents under his care. For the first accident, he did not make full settlement of the repair cost and ran away from the party who repaired the car. The party involved is in contact with me and will not hesitate to take action.

After the second accident, our car has been in a banged up state and left stranded at his block’s loading bay. Me and my wife have taken back the car via our spare key and the car is currently being accessed for repair quotation.

Please be aware that this son of a gun will LIE and LIE and LIE to cover up for his doings. A few key witnesses have approached me to provide evidence of his wrongdoings. Anyone else who have rented our car through him kindly pm me as well.

He will be taken responsible for all losses and repair costs of our car. Police report has been made and we are in the midst of taking necessary legal action against him.


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