So I was walking near the shop. Then I was just looking at something. Suddenly, the lady working at the shop looked at me and shouted not to touch. (She is a prc) I couldn’t really understand her accent so I asked what she said. Then she shouted even louder with an arrogant voice “just don’t touch lah”
 I got irritated by the way she was treating a customer. So I took a picture of her shop as shown. Suddenly she shouted VERY loud”OI WANT TO SUE ME AH” I just ignored her and continued walking because I didn’t want to create trouble. Suddenly she started to even shout louder; so loud that I couldn’t Ignore her. Everyone there was staring at me as if I was in the wrong
So I decided to confront her as she wanted. She started to shout at me and embarrass and say things like why you take picture? I told her off by saying that I didn’t of her face, I took a picture of her shop. Suddenly she threatened me to call the police like as if I was in the wrong. Then she said “on then I take picture of you Lor”
The moment she tried to take a picture of me I walked away.
This incident was so scaring the way she talked to me was as if like she was about to assault me
Anyways thanks for your time and don’t put my real name in the forum

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