My 邻 老 被 (我 的 老 爸 路) Road closures for Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebration 2018 from 26 January – 15 February 2018

Today, I went to Chinatown Chinese New Year Bazaar at along Temple Street (我 的 老 爸 路),this car turn into my 我 的 老 爸 路 and stopped in front of me. Question, Why traffic police do allowed the Vechiles allowed to come into 我 的 老 爸 路 ? The road was so crowded so narrow. The Vechile and Motorbike slowly try to drive in. I observed the shoppers they forgot my 邻 老 被 (我 的 老 爸 ) Lane was not closed and it open till 6pm.

Everyone’s was so busy shopping and crossing the road from left to right, it’s very inconvenice for both pedestrians and all the vechile, people’s don’t even bother the car and they don’t t.know the car are behind of them, the driver has to mindful and patient slowly to drive out.

The Organised by the Chinatown Business Association and Traffics police should considered of this grandfather lane closed for whole day for Road safety. Although this lanes in Chinatown has status closed for Smith Street and Temple Street. The temporary Road closure from 26January – 15February , Time: 6.00pm – 11.00pm (Daily)

The Organised by the Chinatown Business Association and Traffics police, please do not take this matters for granted. In chinese say ; 不 怕 一 万 ,只 怕 万 一 . I noticed our Singapore government has a bad habit BO CHAP attitude,,when thing really happen, they were serious looked into this , then GAN ZONG already open for meeting ” 临 时 抱 佛 家 ”

What happens if someone get into an accident ?

” Who is at Fault in a this Accident ?”

Nobody would liked to stay for reunion dinner in hospital.

” If accident really happen to me but who’s going to pay for my medical bill? ” Ensure everyone’s blame me, I’m careless.

And Who is at Fault open the road for Vechile to come in, it’s not Safe to let car or motorbike to drive into this my 邻 老 被 Lane (Temple Street).

” If this happen to one of your family memebers, were you get angry of this? Do you want Sad Festival or Happy Festival ?

Source: FB post by ‎Nanda Kenny Lim‎ 


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