River Valley Child Care Deny All Allegations!!! Blames PRC Ex-Worker For The Claims


The childcare has denied all allegations against them and claims its a PRC Ex-Worker was the one that posted the photos

Look at the response below

The news was submitted by a secret source: The kids are given rotten fruits to eat to cut cost.

“If any part does go bad overnight, (it) is cut out and thrown away. If the whole fruit is bad, for sure it is disposed of.”

The kids do not have a proper resting place and sleep on the floor.

Childcare response: “The centre said these in fact showed students doing stretching and breathing exercises.”

if a child gets dirty. He is thrown on a “dirty bed” the kid put his dirty hands (full of Sh*t) in his own mouth.

Childcare response: The toddler in the cot was in our care in 2016 and had the habit of pulling his diapers off while having a bowel movement during his nap time.

Parents that bought their own milk powder and instruct the child care to feed them. The child care forgets and throws the milk powder in the trash.

the centre said powder that spills onto the counter is swept up and thrown away for hygienic purposes

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News source: post01.com


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