Gold diggers are a real problem in my relationships and friendships, and I experience this not only with relationships, but with friendships with my guy-friends.

Singaporeans are basically gold diggers. All my friends talk about is about money and being rich one day, some of them even like to show of their flashy cars and branded goods as though their self-worth is tied to their wallet or their car, or house… Some people who even behave differently because they think they are wealthy, I know of people who boast of not taking public transport and how much their parents make. Well, as a person who’s bank interest probably surpasses some people’s net family income, I find this kind of behaviour extremely disgusting. I don’t see the problem with taking public transport, or wearing cheap stuff, in fact I do it all the time…

Moreover I do these kind of things because I see how some of my friends worship money like a God, and always attempt to leach on wealthy people, or want to make friends with them, not knowing that I am of considerable wealth myself.

I’ve become really afraid to reveal my “true” identity because I don’t want to be treated differently. To have friends ask me for drinks etc and treat me “better” to gain my favour. I don’t want to have gold diggers surround me like flies and I don’t want people to view me as a walking money bag.

Thus far, I’ve never brought any of my friends to my place because I don’t want them to think differently of me. I’m always more guarded about my background, and am generally more introverted because of this. I know other wealthy people in school who also do this, we walk amongst you but hide our true identity because frankly lots of Singaporeans are superficial and materialistic, and we don’t wish to be party to this culture and be made used of.

Source: NUSwhisper


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