On Saturday, 27 Jan 2018, at about 330pm, Qianqian’s car got hit on the side by a lorry belonging to Ban Teck Han Enterprise Co. Pte Ltd. The lorry initially did not even realise he had hit her, and only stopped after she blared her horn.

They were both waiting to turn left from Claymore Road onto Orchard Road. As she was on the left lane, her view was blocked by the lorry, and thus did not want to move until the lorry had moved off. However, this incompetent driver turned too sharply, and somehow managed to hit her stationary car despite having ample clearance (she was most assuredly in her lane, and not moving at all).

The driver admitted it was his fault on the spot, but unfortunately has now decided to revise his version of the story. He claims she was tailgating him (seriously, from the next lane?). I assume Ban Teck Han Enterprise Co. Pte Ltd had something to do with it. When it comes to money, it seems honour, integrity and a 30+ year history mean nothing.

Therefore, we are appealing to other drivers (there were many behind them when it happened) who might have caught this incident on their car camera to step forward. We are offering a cash reward for any footage that can help prove our case to the insurance people.

Thank you!

Source: FB post by Ming Wong


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