Two Chinese food restaurants in Chinatown suspected to ignore the license limit, secretly sold liquor after midnight, and use teapots and plastic cups to hide their tracks. The boss said that after midnight, generally does not sell alcohol, but citing that the competition is fierce.

There are several Chinese food restaurants in Chinatown, and the license only allowed them to sell liquor until 12 o’clock midnight, but others illegally sold them. It was claimed by that a neitizen had friends who go the Chinatown restaurant to eat snacks, the waiter said they can pour the wine in the teapot, secretly sold to them. “I feel that restaurants are ignoring the law and that it will affect law and order in Chinatown,” he said.”

It is reported when a reporter when undercover disguised as a customer, late at night to buy wine, the waiter originally cautious said, time too late can not sell liquor, but end up still successfully bought beer. Waiters said they would pour the beer into a red plastic cup and all lay low. Later, the reporter went to a nearby second restaurant to inquire, the waiter also said after midnight can not sell wine, but customers insist on drinking, can be poured into the teapot to continue drinking.
To further verify, the reporter visited two restaurants this morning, one of the restaurant’s owner confessed that after midnight generally do not sell alcohol, but depending on the situation, usually only to the regulars. “The Chinese restaurant here is so competitive that there are at least four of them on this street, and the business has been getting worse lately. ”
However, the restaurant waiter admits that they will pour the wine into the teapot for sale.

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