I seldom make comments for any restaurant but today, i want to say a few words on Yassin Kampung Seafood at Kampung Admiralty.

So yesterday, my family & i had dinner to celebrate my parents 23rd Anniversary. Since we had booked a table for 7 beforehand, we didnt had to wait & went straight inside when we reached.

We ordered their Set Meal A which is inclusive of Tom Yam Soup, Onion Omelette, Baby Kailan with Oyster Sauce, BBQ Sambal Stingray & Rice (2-3 pax) along with their other ala carte meals & drinks as well. Our drinks came first which is all good.

Confusion starts to arise when our Set Meal A dishes came. Then, we were given another extra set of Meal A. We had to speak to the supervisor(?) to clarify & were told their system hanged hence the situation. My take on this is just how it only affected our table (from what i see).

I think there is a need for better communication between your kitchen staff & waiteress/waiter. In my opinion, once we have placed an order through the tablet, there should be someone to verify & pass us a slip of our order confirmation. This will be easier for your staff to check against the slip & the dishes/food that they have serve.

Besides that, there is also an issue on our $50 deposit for reservation. There wasnt a note on our bill about the reservation at all. We almost forgot to take back the deposit. I think they should issue a slip when a reservation is made to better process the payment. What if we had totally forgot about the deposit? Will our money be gone?

Overall, it was a very confusing night. Food was alright but maybe you should work on your system to give your customers a better dining experience.

Source: FB post by Atiqah Razak


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