Hi Comfort Delgro DRO “87775289”, whoever you are,
now your message has gone viral between PHV ≈33,000 and Taxis ≈26,476 Community.

And your LOYAL Hirer Colin Hey have took your advise and forwarded a PHV picking up pax at Marina Square Taxi Stand.
Do you know the traffic rules and regulations for Taxi?
Taxi are not allowed to queue more than the number of Taxi/s allowed in a Taxi Stand.

I myself have got few summons pertaining to the said offence so I am sure LTA will not hesitate to take actions against anyone committing the offence.

Go to the Taxi Stand and see for yourself how many Taxis queue more than the number of Taxis allowed.
To name a few, Nex, Lucky Plaza, Paragon etc.. etc… And PHV do not need to queue.

Taxis queuing till the main road causing traffic congestion is worst than PHV picking up pax at Taxi Stand.

You are siting inside the office making fellow Taxi Drivers and PHV Drivers “stabbing” each other.

And those innocent Transcab, SMRT, Premier, Prime and Yellow Top is going to suffer because of your ignorant actions.

33,000 PHV vs 26,476 Taxis or 11,812 CDG Taxis! Who is at the loosing end? Definitely not you CDG DRO! “借刀杀人” How wicked, shallow and evil can you be to ask fellow CDG drivers to report against PHV.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everyone’s life is different. You and I have no rights to judge what others are going through. If you living a good life, give your blessings to people who have to suffer hardships daily to bring food to fill their stomach.

Have a heart and not be a shallow person. To add on don’t be an arrogant person just because your living good or benefiting from your current situations your at. One day anyone can fall anytime, anywhere at any age.

Ron Tay


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